Protein Blends

Burcon’s novel canola and pea proteins, when combined, create unique, unparalleled plant-based protein blends, with exceptional functional characteristics, low allergenicity, and a nutritional value equal or exceeding the gold standard of dairy.

Looking for a nutritional boost to your plant-based product?

Our premium line of protein blends delivers complete plant-based nutrition, clean flavor, neutral aroma and high protein purity making them the perfect protein blends for fortifying dairy alternative and meat substitute applications.

Burcon’s canola and pea protein blends are currently under license to Merit Functional Foods Corporation and marketed under the brand name, MeritPro™ HS.


High solubility

Heat Stable


Complete plant-based nutrition

Contains all the essential amino acids

Comparable to dairy nutrition

Clean Taste

Neutral flavor and aroma

Ease of formulation

100% Canadian

Dairy Free

Soy Free

Gluten Free



Dairy Alternative Products

Juices and smoothies

Meat alternatives

Nutrition bars

Ready-to-drink beverages