Puratein® has high-quality functional attributes ideal for use in baked goods, protein cereal bars, dressings, sauces and meat substitutes.

Puratein® holds enormous potential in a wide variety of food systems.

Puratein® is a canola protein isolate comprised mainly of globulin proteins. The functional properties of Puratein® include emulsification, gel formation, thickening, formation of heat-stable foams, and water- and ingredient-binding. Applications for Puratein® include dressings, sauces, meat substitutes, baked goods and protein bars, among many others.

Puratein® canola protein isolate is currently under license to Merit Functional Foods Corporation.  For product inquiries and sample requests, please visit


Puratein’s Function

Dressing and Sauces Emulsifying, Thickening
Meat Substitutes Gelling, Binding
Baked Goods Aeration, Binding
Protein Bars Nutrition, Protein Fortification


Key Attributes

Puratein® is an excellent emulsifier.
Puratein® can form opaque, heat-induced gels.
Puratein® has moderate foaming ability and is able to retain air when baked.
Puratein® also has moderate water-binding ability.
Puratein® can be used as an ingredient binder.
Puratein® is bland, with no off-flavours.